Pablo Callejo

Since discovering my passion for art in 2008, I have dedicated my life to learning all I can about art and exploring new medias and techniques. My concentration is in printmaking and I am also experienced in painting, drawing, sculpture and mixed media. I try to use the media that best expresses the idea that I am trying to turn into art. I create art because it is a method I use to share my life experiences with others. When people view my art, I hope they can relate with my set of circumstances as they reflect on their own lives. Growing up in Argentina with a close-knit family helped me to understand their feelings and what influenced their lives. I have also personally experienced tremendous uncertainty, enthusiasm and hope in my life that I express through my art.

My recent print works depict Argentinian “Gauchos” or cowboys that existed in my mother’s family for generations. The prints show the Gauchos tending to their ranches as I remember them growing up.  I created the prints using vibrant colors to depict those days of abundant sunshine and clear skies in the field.

Important events that affected my family and the Argentinian people also provide the fuel for my works. My memories of the terror of the Falkland Island’s War and the impact that Argentina’s economic crisis had on our own prosperity and well-being are the subjects of recent prints I have created. I am currently creating a body of work that utilizes symbolic images and iconic characters from fantasy and mysticism to chronicle the different path my life has taken since I decided to move to the United States.